Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Send A Press Release?

A press release is a brief text announcement of an event, development, or other newsworthy item that is issued to the press. If a newspaper or magazine is interested in your release, they will publish it as an article.  If a radio or TV station is interested in your release, they will mention it on-air or request an on-air interview.

Customers that purchase a book review from BlackBookReview.com have the option to purchase a press release.  When the book review is sent out as a press release to the media, it increases the exposure for the book.  We partner with a very extensive press release distribution service to all the African American newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations.  More than 600 clients currently use this service including BET, McDonald's, TV One, and the NAACP.  For just an additional $125, your review will be sent as a press release to over 40,000 journalists and bloggers at nearly 1,000 media outlets.  

Here are three reasons to send a press release of your book review this summer:

1) People Spend More Money
Consumer research shows that when the weather is warm and pleasant, people feel more liberal about spending money. They take more vacations, they make more trips to shopping malls, they engage in more recreational activities, and they make more purchases online.
2) People Are In A Better Mood
Consumer research also shows that during the summer, people are more "open-minded" and relaxed about sales pitches and sales offers. Put simply, they are in a better mood to hear about new ideas that may satisfy their needs and wants - whether it's done via a direct advertisement or an indirect press release.
3) People Read More
It sounds silly, but it's true. In the summer time, people read more books, novels, magazines, and newspapers. This may be because people have more time to read on their vacations, at family functions, or even while traveling (airplanes, road trips, etc). 

SOURCE: www.BlackPR.com

Visit BlackBookReview.com to order your book review and press release. 

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