Thursday, June 25, 2009

“The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion Into Profit: How to Find and Grow Your Side Hustle in Any Economy” by Kimberly Seals-Allers

Kimberly Seals-Allers is an award-winning journalist, personal finance expert and public speaker. She most recently served as senior editor for Essence magazine and she was a reporter and writer for Fortune magazine. She has also written for numerous other magazines and newspapers. Seals-Allers is the founder of, an online destination for moms of color. Her latest Mocha Manual is a guide to grow your profits – something we can all benefit from in our current economy.

The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion Into Profit contains the knowledge that we all need to be successful in this struggling economy. Although this book is geared toward women of color, anyone can benefit from this helpful information. Seals-Allers provides tools, resources, and examples of how to turn your passion into profit. She provides experiences of women that have been successful in the business world.

In life, it seems that we all come to a crossroads. A point where we have to make a life-altering decision. What will I do with my life – my career, my family, my marriage. Here is an excerpt from this Mocha Manual that describes a situation just like that –

“I continued working at my great job with the appearance of a great life. But inside I wanted more. So on this day I decided there was a better life for me and my children beyond a high-profile job at a high-profile women's glossy and that I could choose to create that life for myself. Time had become my most precious asset, my role as a mother had become my primary identity, and I needed work that honored that. And then, in that instant, standing in the mental sanctum I created for myself in that frantic moment and teetering on the brink of a failed marriage and single motherhood, I took a deep breath and decided to transform my life.”
This book can help you to transform your life. Who doesn’t want to do something that you’re passionate about? Passion motivates us. This book is designed to help readers start a new business doing something they love. Why not get started today?

“Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America’s Parents” by Justine Simmons and Rev. Run

Those of us that are a bit older know Rev. Run from the 80’s rap group Run DMC. Kids today would recognize him and his wife Justine from the reality TV show “Run’s House.” I was a big fan of Run DMC in the 80’s. Run has transformed from ‘My Adidas’ to ‘My Stacy Adams’….from rapper to loving father. It warms my heart to see Run raising a successful family. I have enjoyed watching his show. Not only is it entertaining, but it also offers practical advice. Run and Justine lead by example. Now, they have authored an amazing book on how to raise a happy, successful family.

This book goes deeper than their show. It offers parents advice on successful parenting, blended families, and how to keep children grounded. Run and Justine discuss how money can impact the family – whether you are rich or poor. They assert that any family, regardless of economic status, is able to succeed.

It definitely is not easy to raise kids today. I think we can all agree on that. Therefore, parents can benefit from the good advice and example of the Simmons’. One matter they discuss is how to make sure that parents have the biggest influence on their children. With all the influences in the world, both good and bad, this can truly be challenging. However, if parents focus on the importance of family, they will make their children a top priority in their lives. Here is an excerpt from the introduction of the book on the importance of family:

“Obviously, I'm not the first person who has suggested that raising a family is a great way to spend your time—the positive power of family is a truth that humans have understood since the beginning of time. But it's also a truth that we have just as long a history for forgetting. As much as we all pay lip service to the importance of family, it's very easy to lose sight of it in the pursuit of money, fame, sex, and adventure. As a society, we tend to celebrate the people who run big companies, hit a lot of home-runs, star in movies and yes, even sell a lot of records. But we don't pay as much attention to the people who simply do a great job of raising their kids. IN short, as important as we all say family is, it just isn't considered that cool anymore.”

Parents will enjoy this well-written, honest look at how to take back your family.

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