Tuesday, June 28, 2011

La Toya Jackson's New Book - "Starting Over"

It's hard for me to believe that it has been two years since Michael Jackson's sudden, tragic death.  As so many others, I grew up listening to his music.  It has meaning for me.  Over the past weekend, our local radio station did a tribute to the late MJ.  Listening to his old songs brought back some great memories.  It's very sad that his life was cut short.  I am saddened the most when I think about the great loss the Jackson family has suffered.  La Toya Jackson reveals her feelings about Michael's death in her new memoir, "Starting Over."

She explains why she wrote the book:  “I started writing this book before Michael passed because I’ve wanted to start my life over for a while now,’’ she says. “I had to, because there were a lot of things I didn’t like about where I was and I knew I had to change them. Like a lot of women, I had to make the decision to do whatever it took to get to a different place."

In addition to chronicling her life experiences, she makes some powerful assertions about her brother's death.  “He always said he was going to be murdered,’’ remembers La Toya. “Not just before he died, but years before he died. He always said someone was going to kill him.”

La Toya Jackson's new book has received quite a bit of recognition from the media since it's release last week.  In a television interview, La Toya claims to be 100% sure that her brother was intentionally murdered.  She stated that the motivation for the murder was money.   I can't help but wonder why she did not come out to the public sooner with these assertions about Michael being murdered.  Why wait two years?  Interesting.  Regardless, it's a very sad situation.

"Starting Over" is available for purchase at The Quality Corner.

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