Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Say You're One of Them" by Uwem Akpan - Oprah's Latest Book Club Pick

Oprah just announced her latest book club pick. For the first time, Oprah has picked a collection of short stories. Each story in this jubilantly acclaimed collection pays testament to the wisdom and resilience of children, even in the face of the most agonizing circumstances. A family living in a makeshift shanty in urban Kenya scurries to find gifts of any kind for the impending Christmas holiday. A Rwandan girl relates her family's struggles to maintain a facade of normalcy amid unspeakable acts. A young brother and sister cope with their uncle's attempt to sell them into slavery. Aboard a bus filled with refugees-a microcosm of today's Africa-a Muslim boy summons his faith to bear a treacherous ride across Nigeria. Through the eyes of childhood friends the emotional toll of religious conflict in Ethiopia becomes viscerally clear.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“I Can Go To Hell…By Myself!” by Venom Patton

Venom Patton was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. “I Can Go To Hell….By Myself” is Venom’s debut novel. However, she has been writing for many years. Her skill and experience are apparent in this novel.

Through the eyes of the main character, Decadent, this novel explores subjects that many of us are familiar with – abuse, relationships, and tough decisions. All readers will be able to relate to Decadent on some level. She had so much to deal with at such a young age. Unfortunately, kids can’t be kids forever. Innocence is gone or taken so quickly. The experiences we have in childhood affect us for the rest of our lives, whether it’s good or bad. A look at Decadent’s childhood helps the reader to understand who she becomes. Of course, it’s up to each individual to make decisions. However, those decisions are shaped by experiences.

The main character’s name is very fitting. Decadent. She certainly knows how to indulge. Because of her continued indulgence, she concludes that she can go to hell by herself. She doesn’t need anyone else to get her there. Her sensual, erotic experiences will have you on the edge of your seat. Not a dull moment.

Decadent’s story made me feel so many emotions – sadness, laughter, pity, and even envy at times. As I read, I was so eager to find out what she would do next. This novel is truly a page-turner. From one stage of Decadent’s life to the next, I wanted to know how she would end up. I eagerly await the sequel to find out the next step.

Venom Patton is a talented, passionate writer. Her ability to paint pictures with her words is truly astounding. She is creative and her style of writing is gripping. I’m sure Venom will have a long, successful career as a writer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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