Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Review - "Runaway Comeback" by Sandra A. Ottey

Determination is defined as “the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose.” Determination is a vital quality. It can lead a person to pursue and attain goals. Being determined means not giving up; no matter what. When all odds are against you, determination will keep you focused on the desired outcome. Sandra Ottey’s novel, Runaway Comeback, is a story about a very determined woman.

Rose Thorn has been in a troubled, abusive marriage. She is determined to get away from her dominating husband, Donovan. He refuses to let her go. Rose is in love with another man. Calvin is the man of her dreams and she longs to be with him. This love triangle sets the stage for a riveting, page-turner.

The novel begins with Rose’s bold escape. She has been living in Jamaica with her family. No longer able to deal with the abuse at home, she takes her daughter and runs away to Brooklyn. She moves in with her aunt and uncle. Immediately, she sets out to make a life for her and her daughter in New York. She has always wanted to go to college and get a degree. Determined to pursue her dreams, she enrolls in school and works hard to attain her goal.

Calvin also lives in Brooklyn. Rose and Calvin love each other very much and he wants to marry her. However, Rose is still married and her husband will not give her a divorce. Although Rose loves Calvin, she is unsure about whether she is ready to leave one marriage and enter into another. The internal conflict that Rose feels leaves the reader wondering what will happen next. As Rose tries to deal with her feelings, she finds herself in the middle of a chasm between her aunt and uncle. The differences between Rose’s aunt and uncle heighten the drama of the overall story.  

As I read this story, I was very eager to find out Rose’s fate. Ottey has written this novel in a way that keeps the reader engaged. It is unpredictable with a twist at every corner. The main character, Rose, is relatable to any audience. The classic love triangle that she finds herself in will captivate readers. The story is set mainly in Brooklyn, but the scenes in Jamaica will delight the senses. 

Runaway Comeback is a splendid story about love, romance and friendship. Sandra Ottey is a talented writer and a wonderful storyteller. I am certain that all readers will enjoy this book as much as I did. Sandra Ottey is the author of Jamerican Connection, the prequel to this novel. She is currently working on her third novel. Readers will relish the opportunity to read all of Ottey’s writings.

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