Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am pleased to announce that I have launched a new website!  BlackBookReview.com is a service designed to review books by African American authors and books that appeal to the African American community.  I love to read and I have enjoyed writing book reviews for years.  Now I have decided to advertise my service through this new website.

The primary goal of my book review service is to help authors succeed.  New books are released daily.  It's not easy to be a new author.  This service is an avenue for authors, publishers, publicists, or agents to market books to their fullest potential.  Books written by African Americans generate more revenue than any other minority group.

I began writing book reviews as a way to market my bookstore.  Then, I was contacted by several authors who read my reviews and they wanted me to write a review for their new book.  That experience made me aware of a need for book reviewers, especially in the area of African American books.

Clients will receive a review that is always original, honest and professional.  The review may also be sent as a press release, for an additional fee.  We partner with a very extensive press release service to all the African American media.

I look forward to working with new authors to promote great books.  For more information, visit www.blackbookreview.com.

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