Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“Midnight: A Gangster Love Story" by Sister Souljah

Sister Souljah, activist, entertainer, and best-selling author brings us her latest novel, “Midnight: A Gangster Love Story.” Souljah has a wealth of life experience. She was a global student, traveled throughout Europe and spent a considerable amount of time in Africa. Her experience and passion can be felt throughout her writing.

“Midnight” is a prequel to her best-selling novel, “The Coldest Winter Ever.” Even if you haven’t read “The Coldest Winter,” you will still enjoy “Midnight.” This compelling story is for people of all walks of life.

It is a love story about a foreigner, by the name of Midnight. Midnight had been raised in a wealthy Islamic African family. His father’s empire was attacked and Midnight was sent to the United States. He arrives in Brooklyn at a young age and fights his way to riches and love.

The story goes: “I am not who you think I am. If you love me, you love me for the wrong reasons.

Females tell me they love me because I'm tall. They love when I stand over them and look down. They love when I lay them down and my height and body weight dominates them.

Females tell me they love me because I'm pure black. They say they never seen a black man so masculine, so pretty, so beautiful before.

Females say they love my eyes. They're jet black too. Women claim they find a passion in them so forceful that they'll do anything I say.”

Truly a page-turner. This tremendous love story will leave the reader delighted.

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