Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"A Flight of Fancy" Audiobook Written by Jo King Read by Kenya Brome

Photograph by Jordan Matter
Kenya Brome is a fine New York actor. She showcases her talent as the reader of the audio version of A Flight of Fancy.  She breathes life into this charming story.

A Flight of Fancy is an imaginative tale about trees that have decided to take a vacation.  Overnight, all of the trees in the town of Arbordon have disappeared.  The main character is a young boy named George.  He and his friend Lisa set out on a quest to find the missing trees.

Kenya Brome skillfully depicts each character and allows the reader to see the story unfold.  Using various accents and voice inflection, Brome distinguishes individual characters.  The listener is able to easily discern one character from another.  Her spirited, theatrical delivery brings the tale to life.

Brome entrances the listener with her depth of feeling.  She vividly portrays the disappointment George feels when he finds out that the trees are missing.  The listener can feel the eagerness and excitement that George and Lisa experience as they investigate this great mystery.  
One tree is left in Arbordon – a weeping willow.  This willow holds the key to unlocking the mystery of the missing trees.  Brome represents this character extremely well.  I chuckled every time I heard the willow weep.

Young ones will be delighted as they listen to A Flight of Fancy.  Children will be carried away and their imagination will run freely as they listen to the lively, realistic reading by Kenya Brome.

Available for purchase at Xlibris.com/bookstore, Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

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