Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Review - “Faith Professional Network: A Dream Comes Through a Multitude of Business” by Jeffrey L. White, II

Faith has been defined as “the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.”  Faith is an act of trust.  Those that have strong faith are led to express it in all aspects of their life.  In his new book, Jeffrey White helps readers to energize their faith and express it in their professional careers.

Jeffrey L. White, II is an entrepreneur, sales trainer and minister.  He holds degrees in Business Management and Theological Studies.  He has over 20 years of professional experience and he has led successful sales and training seminars for Fortune 500 companies.  In addition to his professional credentials, he has a wealth of life experience.  He arose from financial adversity, lack of education, tribulation within the family and severe health problems.  Despite the various trials he has faced, he is successful.  White has chosen to share the wisdom he has gained in this book.   

According to White, a “faith professional” is an individual whose Biblical faith and life work coexist.  In today’s busy world, many find it difficult to practice their faith.  White’s philosophy is to create a workplace ministry.  Anyone can express their faith in public.  The leadership skills, creativity and entrepreneurial skills possessed by men and women of faith can be used in the workplace daily.  Also, the way a person chooses to lead his life is an expression of faith.  Throughout this book, White encourages readers to use their skills to prosper and accomplish their goals.

White underscores the importance of having purpose and vision.  Purpose is the result, end or aim of an action.  Vision brings our purpose into focus.  We must be focused on our goals.  White sets an excellent example in this regard.  One of my favorite experiences that he shares in this book is about how he obtained the position of Field Sales Coordinator.  He was extremely focused on his goal and he achieved it.  Readers who implement White’s strategies will surely accomplish their goals.

In modern times, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular.  Individuals that have chosen to start their own business need sound guidance to be successful.  This book contains very valuable advice for entrepreneurs.  Topics such as break even analysis, customer engagement and marketing are discussed.  White teaches readers how to get and keep customers.

White says, “I approach each business undertaking with confidence of fulfillment, believing things I haven’t yet seen to the point that I act on them until faith becomes sight.”  Jeffrey White exemplifies what it means to be a “faith professional” and through his book he is helping others to do the same.  For information on how to order your copy, visit www.faithpros.com.

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